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My Archives


My Archives.

Author: Sarah Miles

Trained as a lawyer, psychotherapist and mediator. My goal is to make my voice heard for the causes in which I believe so as to improve and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable society. I believe in the enormous power of the human spirit and the power within each of us to effect major change. "The only triumph over evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing".

2 thoughts on “My Archives

  1. Hi Sarah

    I follow your blog with great interest. I refer to your letter to Andrew Little. What was the outcome of your letter.





    • The usual – not much. I always get a response but nothing ever happens. I still believe there is an unwillingness on the part of the Labour party to really dig in on this issue. They’ve had five years – there’s so much going on here that they really could have got stuck into and made some real political headway but the apathy or bipartisan (despite them declaring that there aren’t) relationships mean that nothing changes. It is really up to the people to make the noise and force the change – we’re only seeing a handful of people willing to stand up and be counted, until that hand full becomes a larger group the political situation will remain at status quo. Thanks for writing in.


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