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Extending Canterbury accommodation support

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Extending Canterbury accommodation support.

“Social Development Minister Anne Tolley has announced that the Temporary Accommodation Assistance (TAA) programme for Canterbury residents affected by earthquakes is to be extended.

The TAA supports homeowners with additional costs such as rent, board, or motel stays, when they are in temporary accommodation while waiting for repairs to their homes to be completed. Up to $330 per week is available for these temporary costs.

“Over $50 million has been paid to Canterbury homeowners through this programme since 2011,” says Mrs Tolley.

“Budget 2015 provides an additional $7.7 million in funding which will see this assistance extended until December 2017, for those residents in Canterbury who are still waiting to get their properties assessed and repaired.

“Almost 3000 households have received assistance since the scheme began.  Currently 625 households are receiving assistance through the TAA, 35 in the red zone and 590 in the Green zone.

“In addition to the TAA other assistance is available for homeowners with damaged homes, including assistance finding temporary accommodation while work is carried out, up to $120 a week for ongoing costs associated with the damaged home through the Accommodation Supplement and the Earthquake Support Coordination Service to help work through difficulties.

“Hardship assistance may also be available through Temporary Additional Support (TAS), Special Needs Grants (SNGs) and Advance payments of benefit. Those in need should get in touch with Work and Income to see what assistance they may be eligible for.”

More information on the Programme can be found at:

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