"Shifting the Balance of Power in the insurance industry – back to the policyholders! "

RETAINING WALLS – Wednesday 6th August 7 – 8pm

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Mr Grant Cameron provided some information on group action in relation to Retaining Walls on the public meeting last Saturday.  He has arranged for  Dr Matthew Palmer QC to be at GCA Lawyers, 22 Moorhouse Ave, Addington, tonight to look at filing proceedings, the cost and what is involved.  This follows on from a meeting Grant completed a couple of weeks ago.  If you have a Retaining Wall, that has been damaged, and you have not as yet caught up with the indemnity payment aspects then you really need to look into this ASAP.  Some high level information is also on the SNR Web Site.  GCA Lawyers have asked that you contact them to register your interest to attend.  Contact Laura or Mykhaela (


If you know of anyone with Retaining Walls please pass this on.


Author: Sarah Miles

Trained as a lawyer, psychotherapist and mediator. My goal is to make my voice heard for the causes in which I believe so as to improve and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable society. I believe in the enormous power of the human spirit and the power within each of us to effect major change. "The only triumph over evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing".

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