"Highlighting the inadequacies of the way in which the earthquakes of 2010-2012 were handled by the insurance industry! "

Muses on Sheep and Ruin- Guest Blog by Sleazkey


You know, when I was younger, during an earlier New Zealand agricultural renaissance, the Aussies had a joke which went something like New Zealand is a country of sixty million sheep and three and a half million think that they are people. Ha. Ha….’  We cringed, as we still do when Aussies joke, particularly when they are talking about looking for aeroplanes which we and they, all know, are not there.  However, looking back, I’m not so sure that they did not have a point about sheep. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Yesterday, I was in my usual supermarket and although the checkout line was long, most of the tills were unattended.  A ‘supervisor’ appeared and imperiously waved me out of the line and towards the ‘self-service’ checkout machines.  An ex-Dachau inmate would know the feeling.  I had a pretty full trolley.  I objected, but no, it was clear that there was no choice about the matter.   In my geriatric sort of way, I fumbled through the less-than-fluid process that these machines deliver, prompted by an attending assistant who I know to be usually on the ‘normal’ checkout.  The machine seemed more interested in making sure that I did not appropriate something for nothing than convincing me that it was efficient.  We older folk who have watched the idiocies of this Nation for a long time, tend to get mad pretty easily and I confess that when I had paid, I bailed up the assistant and angrily demanded “can you give me one good reason why I don’t just go to Pack&Save – at least, they are honest about it, even if I pack and they save”.   She looked startled and then to my surprise she leant forward and whispered a confidence about the machines “we don’t like them either – but I’m just doing my job and you’ll have to complain to the Under-Manager”.  She pointed him out and called him over.  I said to him “can you give me one good reason why I don’t just go to Pack&Save?  This is costing your people jobs and increasing corporate profits, but what are you people getting out of it?  Are any of us getting anything out of it??”  He was clearly a bit flustered.  Then he said, I’m afraid I can’t put on any more check-out operators.  None of us likes the auto checkout, but you’ll have to take it up with senior management”.  “You take it up there and tell them that I said it”  I replied, and left with my hard-won groceries.  I hope that I gave him a tiny insight into the true nature of the corporate mind.  Moral – until the people are prepared to seriously voice their disapproval, nothing will change. Evidence – the insurance situation in Christchurch.

What’s the point of this spiel you are wondering.  Isn’t Sarah’s Blog an insurance-related site? Sleazkey lost it again?    Actually, no.   The point is Corporatism and in a very real sense ‘Team Keyisthe senior management that our Under-Manager needs to address.  My cameo is just a symptom and the people of Christchurch, beyond most other Kiwis, should know it well.  It manifests as government for the benefit of corporate interests, rather than for the good of the people.  We’ve seen it with Brownlee, Key and Adams’ refusal to deal with the dishonest insurance industry – some of which is actually Government owned, as you know.  We’ve seen it with Labour’s demotion of its own advocates for the people of Christchurch. That equates to dishonest government. We are seeing it in Team Key’s introduction of private prisons, charter schools and the  ‘Accord’ created with the Reserve Bank to allow the Banking corporates to ‘legally’ take their clients’ (our) funds and savings in the case of banks going belly-up.  We’ve seen it in the sale of public assets even though the public clearly did not want it,,-says-key   we’ve seen it in the gross corporatism of the Transpacific Partnership Treaty, we’ve seen ministers struggling to cover-up their personal use of position to further their personal business interests, we’ve seen it in the readiness to mine and drill our parks and marine reserves.  When the fox runs the henhouse, the outcome is certain.  National is the party of the Business Round-Table and the Banks and the corporates.  Led by an ex-banker who most likely does what he’s told.  Do you really know what their agenda is??  Do you really actually believe that there’s something in it for you??  Have you forgotten that it took an earthquake, one hundred and eighty-five deaths, nine thousand injuries and a ruined city to produce his economic miracle??  Make no mistake, while live, polluting cattle may have replaced dead sheep in our rural renaissance and our ‘good news’ economy, the smoke behind the government mirrors is actually foreign re-insurance money.  If ‘Team Key’ can arrange an earthquake in a major New Zealand city every three years, the economy will be just fine.  So will the local insurance corporates.  ‘Bring it on’ they say!

I confess to trivialisation!  But what is not trivial, even though you should know, but will never hear it mentioned by our plastic newsreaders, is that we are now witnessing the slow global death of the American Petro-Dollar which has governed world trade and the (now empty) coffers of the IMF, since the nineteen fiftys and while our little Banker cuddles the American puppet as regularly as he can get the photographers to change their lenses, the Federal Reserve’s endless printing of so much worthless, not-backed-by-anything paper money, coupled with the endless American-sponsored energy wars,  has led the USA and the world monetary system to a terminal spiral.  While I am not privy to the extent of New Zealand’s exposure to American Treasury bonds, it is a fact that many nations are dumping them as fast as they can.    Our institutional investors might want to look at this, despite all the cuddling going on!  This fact coupled with the desire and actions of 180 Eastern Nations (the BRICS Nations), to distance their currencies and their affairs from America, its bankers and its endless nominee wars leaves Mr Key playing golf with the wrong crowd.  Even Europe is distancing itself from the American pariah.   I believe that History will show that we are actually watching the dying throes of the British/American Empire and New Zealand is on the wrong side of the fence.  The sheeple need to cut the wire and get to the greener grass on the Eastern side of the paddock.  The grass on our side smells of corruption and is getting shorter by the day.

Having said that, I am not sure that Mr Cunliffe or Mr Norman even know what the Petro-Dollar is and while Labour has disquieting links with the UN and the WHO – who have never had our best interests at heart – unless we Kiwis want to continue to descend further into poverty at the whims of Global Corporatism, supported by National, even a Labour/Greens coalition might be a start in the right direction…….  Who can you trust?

Perhaps this time, your vote counts more than you thought.

Author: Sarah-Alice Miles

Love to write, create and watch the clouds move across the sky - these days in the Netherlands. 'Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time'.

2 thoughts on “Muses on Sheep and Ruin- Guest Blog by Sleazkey

  1. Hi Sarah! Your explanation of the smoke behind the mirrors has become my understanding as well. And yes, the government has become rotten, and while any country that has let the federal reserve in will immdiately start rotting a changed government, knowing this we can at least get on with watching them more closely as I assume people do in Scandinavia as a normal part of their daily citizenship exercise.


    • Yes its extraordinary isn’t it George- that our news is full of trivia while there is so much of great importance happening in the world at this particular moment in history. Daily citizenship in other parts of the world is far more participatory than here on our shores – we may all pay the price for that dearly!


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