"Highlighting the inadequacies of the way in which the earthquakes of 2010-2012 were handled by the insurance industry! "

The Great White Elephant of Christchurch

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The year 2013 saw a big push for the ‘anchor projects’, a convention centre, a rugby stadium and sports facility and…. The convention centre is heralded as the catalyst for hotel projects in the city. By Feb 2014 questions have begun to be asked about why the City requires a 2000 seat venue. Then the AMI stadium becomes a deal clincher for the new council as it will have a major effect on the council’s financial position. There is an insurance impasse on the stadium, the insurers arguing that it can be fixed. Then there are revelations that the insurance money the council thought was available for a new aquatic centre has been spent. Mayor Lianne Dalziel has said that tough calls have to be made on what community facilities are to be rebuilt. A NZD 53 million Bus Interchange is still on the cards. While people are still living out of their homes many feel this is an extravagance too early on in the recovery. The public urges restraint on big projects!

Rebuilding Christchurch

A great, if disturbing, image via felloffasofa:

White Elephant via felloffasofa

Last week, some of the anchor projects – including the stadium – were delayed. The stadium has been pushed out to 2019. That takes it beyond not just the 2014 election, but the 2017. As a political football, it has been kicked for touch. I seriously doubt it will be back in play any time soon.

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Author: Sarah-Alice Miles

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One thought on “The Great White Elephant of Christchurch

  1. Sarah, you remain an inspiration to all of us who are sick of fighting for what they had insurance policies to protect them against. This government is also redefining the word “Populist” with these grandiose projects. The people of Christchurch, and many from farther afield are quite aware of the shenanigans and now know it could just as easily happen to them. No one will lose equity said our Prime Minister! This government passed the CERA act in order to short change people, as the Public Works Act required market values be paid as compensation when the crown forcefully acquires land so they rewrote compensation law to suit themselves. Then they used the Building and Housing Act to issue s124 notices when that act had never been used before to bar people from their own homes when it was a hazard that existed on a neighbors property! Talk about lazy and sloppy legislation! It would all be fine… except we stand to lose equity big time in our only asset, our home. The insurance company have agreed to build us a new one but we can’t find any sections on the hill for $99k which is our GV on our acre which suffered no damage from the quakes. Only negligible damage to our house too by the way. What a MAN-MADE disaster, or maybe the correct word is FIASCO? Note this was written 3 years and 3 months after the Feb 22nd 2011 earthquake. Delay, Deny, Change the Rules and tell yet more lies is the new normal.


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