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Latest Research from the Christchurch earthquakes – Health, Engineering and Miscellaneous

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Airports: sources of economic growth and disaster resilience
M Coetzee – Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management …, 2013
… It uses the example of the role of Christchurch Airport in supporting the recovery of the city of
Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake, and demonstrates how sound planning in an around
an airport provides the opportunity to increase the resilience to the city as whole. …

Soil profile inversion in earthquake-induced liquefaction-affected soils and the potential effects on urban trees
J Morgenroth, P Almond, BC Scharenbroch, TM Wilson… – Geoderma, 2014
… Immediately after the Christchurch I earthquake, only 384 tree removals occurred on
public lands, most of which were presenting an obvious earthquake-related structural
defect (eg lean, soil mounding near the root plate, stem splitting). …

Red Zone as Green Corridor: Opportunities for Suburban Intensification: A Christchurch Case Study
ST Constable – 2013
Victoria University Red Zone as Green Corridor: Opportunities for Suburban Intensification: A
Christchurch Case Study. ResearchArchive/Manakin Repository. Login. … Red Zone as Green
Corridor: Opportunities for Suburban Intensification: A Christchurch Case Study. …

Characterizing social response to urban earthquakes using cell-phone network data: the 2012 oaxaca earthquake
B Moumni, V Frias-Martinez, E Frias-Martinez – … of the 2013 ACM conference on …, 2013
… Using cellphone data to measure population movements experimental analysis following the
22 february 2011 christchurch earthquake new zeeland gorvetment, isbn 978-0–478–37759-
0 (2012). 9. Tatem, AJ, Qiu, Y., Smith, DL, Sabot, O., Ali, AS, Moonen, B., et al. …

Paradigmatic Rejuvenation
W Conway – 2013
… The thesis specifically asks whether establishing a mall typology as a landmark building within
the inner city can strategically engage the damaged historic buildings of post-earthquake
Christchurch in ways that actively preserve these historic remnants. …

A study of the role of rainwater tanks as an emergency water source for the Wellington region following a major earthquake on the Wellington Fault
J Beban, DM Johnston, C Stewart, WJ Cousins – 2013
… Making the worst-case assumption that a prolonged dry period coincides with a major earthquake
on the Wellington Fault, the following … For example, Stevenson (1980) reported lead levels in
Christchurch rainwater ranging from 0.005-0.031 mg/L, compared to a background …

Developing Local Partners in Emergency Planning and Management: Lyttleton Time Bank as a Builder and Mobiliser of Resources during the Canterbury …
JL Ozanne, LK Ozanne – 2013
… Earthquake 2011a). Like a large portion of Christchurch, Lyttelton lost power, water, and sewage.
By the … PHOTO 1. A RNZN Member serves food to the Lyttleton Community as part of the disaster
recovery of the Christchurch Earthquake on 23 February, 2011. Page 13. 11 …

Seismic Damage Accumulation of Highway Bridges in Earthquake Prone Regions
J Ghosh, JE Padgett, M Sánchez-Silva – Earthquake Spectra, 2013
… buildings whose condition was still “satisfactory” after the first two main shocks, suffered “serious
to very serious” (partial or total collapse) during the October 14 earthquake. Similarly, in
Christchurch, New Zealand, several structures weakened from the magnitude 7.1 Darfield …

Intended evacuation behaviour in a local earthquake and tsunami at Napier, New Zealand
SA Fraser, DM Johnston, GS Leonard – 2013
… for siren systems to fail due to power outages in a significant local earthquake, and the …
civilDefence/Pages/civil_defence_and_emergency_management_home.aspx), and Christchurch ( …

Soil profile characterization of Christchurch strong motion stations
LM Wotherspoon, RP Orense, BA Bradley, BR Cox… – 2013
… However, acceleration records from the 2011 Christchurch earthquake showed a clear indication
of liquefaction of the underlying soils, with characteristic acceleration spikes and reduced high
frequency content in the latter part of the record (Bradley & Cubrinovski 2011). …

Evaluation of Rubber/Sand Mixtures as Replacement Soils to Mitigate Earthquake Induced Ground Motions
AM Abdelhaleem, RM El-Sherbiny, H Lotfy… – Proc. 18th ICSMGE, 2013
… “ Earthquake Protection by Tire-Soil Mixtures: Numerical Study,” New Zealand Society
for Earthquake Engineering Conference Proceedings, Christchurch, New Zealand,
April. Zornberg, JG, Cabral, AR, and Viratjandr, C. (2004). …

The acoustical design of the Christchurch Town Hall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      H Marshall – International Symposium on Room Acoustics, 2013 … All that changed on February 22, 2011. The second earthquake destroyed the heart of Christchurch. The Town Hall building was damaged but is reparable; indeed the City Council has unanimously agreed to restore it in its entirety. Page 7. 7 …


Psychological outcomes for adolescents after the Canterbury earthquakes: posttraumatic stress, resilience and related factors: a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of …
T Heetkamp – 2013
… schools in Christchurch 6 months after the most destructive earthquake. A quantitative …
The earthquake had an immense impact on the infrastructure of Christchurch. Much of
the city was without power and water directly after the impact, and a …

Smoking Prevalence Increases Following Canterbury Earthquakes
N Erskine, V Daley, S Stevenson, B Rhodes, L Beckert…
… Prior to the Christchurch Earthquake, 409 (41%) participant were never smokers, 316 (32%) we
re ex smokers and 273 (27%) were current smokers. … Page 15. Legend Figure 2 Prior to the
Christchurch Earthquake, 409 (41%) participant were never smokers, 316 (32%) were ex …

‘But I do believe you’ve got to accept that that’s what life’s about’: older adults living in New Zealand talk about their experiences of loss and bereavement support
G Bellamy, M Gott, S Waterworth, C McLean, N Kerse – Health & social care in the …, 2013
… earthquakes. The first caused extensive damage to the city of Christchurch on the
South Island where minor injuries, but no fatalities, were reported. Six months later,
a second earthquake hit the same city killing 185 people. …


Empirical Selection Equation for Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation Bearings Applied to Multi-Story Woodframe Buildings 1
JW van de Lindt, Y Jiang – Practice Periodical on Structural Design and …, 2013
… 5 2010 Darfield Earthquake and the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake (Gavin et al., 2012), as well
as a 14-story RC condominium building in Sendai (Nishiyama et al., 2011) and a 21 story … 4 2010
Darfield earthquake and the Feb. 22 2011 Christchurch earthquake”, Proc. 20th …

Hysteresis behavior of bracket connection in cross-laminated-timber shear walls
YL Shen, J Schneider, S Tesfamariam, SF Stiemer… – Construction and Building …, 2013
… accounts for stiffness and strength degradation under cyclic loading. Mitra [34]
developed the Code in OpenSees and applied it to a beam-column joint model for
simulating the earthquake response of reinforced concrete frames. …

S John, A Irving, G McDonnell, AH Buchanan
… in late 2011 within the known constraints of the site and Christchurch City Council rules and
regulations.* Of over-riding importance was that the building must provide damage-resistant
structural design technology, aimed at minimising any future earthquake damage (with the …

Analysis and Strengthening of Timber Floors and Roofs
JM Branco, R Tomasi – Structural Rehabilitation of Old Buildings, 2014
… The poor earthquake-performance of URM buildings has been widely rec- ognized for decades:
the recent Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand (22nd February 2011) that severely damaged
the URM buildings and killed more than 150 people, demonstrated once more …

Key elements of sectoral recovery and resilience after the Canterbury earthquakes: a system dynamics approach
H Kachali – 2013
… I came to Christchurch, a few days before the 4 September 2010 earthquake, with a general
idea of what my research would be. That changed on 4th September 2010 at 4: 35am when
greater Christchurch had the first in a series of earthquakes of MW 7.1. …

Collapse assessment of concrete buildings: an application to non-ductile reinforced concrete moment frames
M Baradaran Shoraka – 2013
… 226 Page 10. List of Figures x LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1-1 Totally collapsed concrete
building in the M 6.3 Christchurch earthquake (Photo: KJ Elwood) …. 2 …

An Analysis of Bridge Abutment Shear Key Behavior due to Embankment Modeling and Earthquake Intensity
NM Wasef
… DE – Design Earthquake MAOC – Massachusetts Avenue Overcrossing NZ002 – Christchurch,
New Zealand Earthquake Motion, 2011 (See Table 3-1) SDC – Seismic Design Criteria (Caltrans,
2010) P0927 – Northridge Earthquake Motion, 1994 (See Table 3-1) …

Seismic behavior of a type of welded precast concrete beam-column connection
ME RodrÝguez, M Torres-Matos – PCI journal, 2013
… “Preview of PCI’s New Zealand Earthquake Reconnaissance Team Report.” PCI Journal 57
(1): 42–45. 6. Kam, WY, and S. Pampanin. 2011. “The Seismic Performance of RC Buildings
in the 22 February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.” Structural Concrete 12 (4): 223–233. …

Assessment of collapse capacity of RC buildings based on fiber-element modelling
M Ebrahami-Koopaee, RP Dhakal, BA Bradley… – 2013
… Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch,
New Zealand. … Despite significant progress in development of structural models to simulate
structural collapse under earthquake loading, most of the research conducted so far has …

Lateral spreading-induced abutment rotation in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake: observations and analysis
A series of strong earthquakes near Christchurch, New Zealand, occurred between
September 2010 and December 2011, causing widespread liquefaction throughout the city’s
suburbs. Lateral spreading developed along the city’s Avon River, damaging many of the …

G Chalmers, N McLennan, L Barsanti
… in the first years of life of the reinstated pavement. The annual probability of another
M6.3 earthquake in the Christchurch area is 8% at the current time. The pavement
construction varied throughout the terminal but in general …

A database for PGA threshold in liquefaction occurrence
F Santucci de Magistris, G Lanzano, G Forte… – … Dynamics and Earthquake …, 2013
… 14]; MC Quigley, S Bastin, BA Bradley; Recurrent liquefaction in Christchurch, New Zealand,
during the Canterbury earthquake sequence. Geology, 41 (2013), pp. 419–422. …

FRP Local Retrofit of Non-Conforming RC Beam-Column Joints
A Prota, M Di Ludovico, A Balsamo, C Moroni, M Dolce… – Seismic Evaluation and …, 2014
… Research report 95–4, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch.
LaFave JM, Kim J (2011) Joint shear behaviour prediction for RC beam … In: Proceedings of the
12th European conference on earthquake engineering, London, September 2002. …

 Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Columns
J Liu – 2013
… mm (14 in.) diameter and 1473 mm (58 in.) length were tested under lateral cyclic
displacement excursions while simultaneously subjected to constant axial load
thus simulating earthquake loads. Eight columns were solely …

Non linear electromechanical cart characterization using minimal modeling approach
N Wongvanich, CE Hann, HR Sirisena
… For example, modal analysis is commonly used for assessing damage of a building after an
earthquake [3]. Another common approach is … Hann, HR Sirisena are with the Depart- ment of
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. …

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