"Highlighting the inadequacies of the way in which the earthquakes of 2010-2012 were handled by the insurance industry! "

The Banners are Coming


As you readers will be aware I also have my own issues with insurance. Many of you will have watched the Campbell Live show on the 13th June, 2013 at 7.00pm and it appears that John Campbell is emerging as GetAttachmentsomething of a local hero – no one else has taken up the Canterbury cause and so consistently pointed publicly to the shortcomings of the private insurance industry and EQC and the fiasco they are creating here in Christchurch. His hero status is well deserved in my opinion. (See

One noticeable development we see as we approach the three year mark is that more and more people are at the limit of their tolerance toward their insurers and we are beginning to see them choosing a variety of means to publicize their plight, after all if you have lived in a garage for nearly three years you do have something of an issue! It was great to see Campbell highlighting the emerging trend with some fine shots of banners which people are beginning to utilize to draw attention to the bad faith delays and tactics of their insurers. (See

I have to confess that coming up to the three year point and in addition to a High Court action against State Insurance, we too are also adopting a higher profile approach to ‘naming and shaming’ by use of visual means. We too have an increasing number of banners on our property. And for every week that our claim is not treated fairly or we await the outcome of our court case we shall add more and more of these cheaply produced visual indicators of our plight. With a corner section and having four new subdivisions in progress directly opposite, prospective purchasers seem interested to hear our story. There are also mobile ways to tell our story too but that’s for another day!

Of course one needs to remember to put only verifiable facts on one’s banner or what is otherwise legitimate opinion. Just as an example it would not be a good idea to say “xxx insurer cheats its clients” as you may put yourself at legal risk, though you can put “I feel cheated by State Insurance”. Truth is always a defence and if you can show it is true, then it is a reasonable course of action. It’s my guess that by the end of winter there will be more banners flying on Christchurch properties than prayer flags at a Tibetan monastery. In fact it may become the ‘grass roots’ art form for which Christchurch becomes the most notable city in New Zealand. The process is cathartic, it helps with your anger!
P.S. I’m going to send the photos of our banners to Tim Grafton- he doesn’t think there’s a problem down here!!

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Author: Sarah-Alice Miles

Love to write, create and watch the clouds move across the sky - these days in the Netherlands. 'Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time'.

6 thoughts on “The Banners are Coming

  1. The red banner on the house at the foot of Maffeys Road and McCormacks Rd is shown on your heading here. The banner has come down over the past week and I was wondering it the owners had experienced success with progressing their claim. I’m sure it was an expensive sign to have made and wondered if the owners might be interested in renting it out to struggling IAG “customers”. I’m sure there are many families in the area who are ready to try something new to get their claim moving! The renting out of signage in and of itself would be a great story!


    • Lee to answer your question – yes they did have success- interestingly though as soon as they settled the sign went missing! I wonder who was responsible for that?!


    • Yes, we were successful with our claim 3 weeks after the banner went up. IAG said they wanted to “start demolition ASAP” and immediately after there was a break in and the banner disappeared. I had intended to give away the banner and would have been happy to pass it on. Yes, renting it out would have been a great story, but the repeated appearance of the banner on Campbell Live after it was taken seems to be poetic justice indeed.


  2. I think the banner idea is fantastic. It is a visual marker for every property (with the owners thoughts) that will show ALL who pass, “the truth” as to what has been taken care of in Christchurch and what has not. It brings everything into the open where the Insurance companies and the like can not hide.

    We, the people of Christchurch, are allowing the Government to get away with their obligations. We should be demonstrating more and more until they change the laws so we do have justice. They are after all employed by us – are they not? I think the Government is as complicit as the Insurance Industry at this point in time.



  3. All for banners. Our insurer NRMA (IAG) has the slogan “Experience the Difference” which has great potential don’t you think? Check out this YouTube clip posted last year by a NSW customer of NRMA – we understand his house has been or is being fixed at NRMA’s expense (under the direction and budget of his expert mycologist and builder).

    I’m continuing to work on memes and anniversary tweets, and thinking of publishing some of my insurance saga poems.


  4. We have had signs on our fence for a couple of years now, and have also added a blackboard that we can write topical messages on as well. Who owuld have thought we would be reduced to doing this?


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