"Highlighting the inadequacies of the way in which the earthquakes of 2010-2012 were handled by the insurance industry! "

Elderly Widow in the Red Zone by Rev. Mike Coleman


Reverend Mike Coleman interviews Jo, a woman in her mid-80’s who is so scared she will not show her face to the camera. She is alone, has no family and is in a suburb where houses have been arsoned and burglaries are regularly taking place. She has been told she is in the red zone so must move even though she has been living there for 70 years tending her vegetables and flowers. She wants to stay.

I have a letter stating she is going to have no choice but move out. (See video below) This is coercion by our Government on a massive scale.

Is this how we as a country want to treat our elderly in the face of a national disaster ?

The National Government bailed out South Canterbury Finance by 1.8 billion, bailed our EQC, AMI,  yet they will not pay fair compensation for properties on land they do not want to remediate…yet they will own nearly all of it as of today.

Are we losing our soul as a country in decisions like this?

Watch Jo’s story


Mike Coleman

Author: Sarah-Alice Miles

Love to write, create and watch the clouds move across the sky - these days in the Netherlands. 'Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time'.

4 thoughts on “Elderly Widow in the Red Zone by Rev. Mike Coleman

  1. Are you aware that once the CERA offer has expired and not taken, the land is in essence not red zone any longer. The red zone only exists for cera to do offers against. Red zone homes can be repaired and legally lived in too, and some plan to do exactly that… good on em. Many of them do not have any other choice, well become bankrupt now or wait and hope for a better outcome by staying. Not much of a choice reslly is it?


  2. I second that John, they would rather be spending megabucks of the taxpayers dollars on choppers, than be paying their taxpaying citizens the true value of their red zoned land. Sickening, no morals of the people in power, they are nothing but rogues!


  3. I am glad that Kiwi’s are starting to care about what is happening in our community. Shame on Brownlee and Co.
    Never have I witnessed such a debacle/injustice perpetrated by the NZ Government and to sit back and watch this crisis unfold without taking constructive action post earthquake.
    I have spoken with many Kiwi’s OS and they have expressed their disappointment in the way Keys Government has managed this disaster.
    I really feel sad for this elderly lady and can relate to the worry and stress it is causing . My mother in law died last year 84 years old and suffered badly as a indirect result of the actions of IAG insurance company.
    It literally broke her heart because she knew that she would never see her home rebuilt again.
    I hope historians can document what had happened in Christchurch to remind these ministers that their lack of inertia has made things worse


  4. Come on NZ we need the power of the People to rise up and put a stop to this


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